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Collagen Pills

We’ve seen the claims made by beauty products with collagen…but what products really do work {or don’t} to help fight the signs of aging? In doing my due diligence around collagen beauty benefits, I recommend both a topical product as well as one to ingest.

First, let’s start with some basics…

What is collagen exactly? It’s the body’s most common protein.

Why is it important? Well, that depends on who you ask, but for me…it’s all about that youthful look aka lack of fine lines. Collagen helps your skin maintain its elasticity, avoiding fine lines and wrinkles from developing. As you age, collagen begins to break down and production slows, reducing elasticity causing the skin to wrinkle…resulting in aging skin.

So what can we do to boost collagen? Collagen injections can ‘fill in’ those wrinkles by boosting elasticity and thickness plus help stimulate new collagen growth. Note, collagen injections are not the same as Botox which freezes the muscles that are causing wrinkles and is best for preventative or to stop fine lines from worsening. But for those of us that are still a little nervous around needles, what are other options?

Go topical! While creams with collagen are unable penetrate your skin deep enough to make a noticeable difference, a serum can penetrate deeper and is great to target the face or even specific areas, like the eyes. I prefer using serums with peptides or Vitamin C to boost collagen stimulation.

I also think ingesting collagen is a great add to your daily vitamins. Even though the results can be difficult to track since the collagen is being absorbed by the body and not applied directly to the skin, the pro is that all of your skin {not just the face} is hopefully seeing the benefits. I like Reserveage products and recommend using their powder or capsules that also have Hyaluronic Acid to help hydrate the skin. These are found at your local vitamin store.


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