Matte Red Lips For The Perfect Kiss

Matte Red Lips

Red lips are always in style, but especially during a weekend like this….Valentine’s! So, how to achieve a matte red lip? Begin by picking a shade that’s right for you {Red Lips 101}. The general rule is that pink and blue-based shades look great on fair skin, orange and tomato reds are great on olive skin and brown-based shades are great for darker skin tones, while a true red will look stunning on everyone.

Matte Red Lips: How To

  1. Prep your lips by exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub (Lush Mint Julips, $10 is my favorite) or a warm, damp washcloth will do the job also. Follow by applying a hydrating lip treatment (fresh lip sugar treatment, $22) and blot. Blotting lip balm helps the color from gliding off according to Bobbi Brown. Your lips are both flake free and shine-free now. Ready for color.
  2. For a done look, line your lips with a color that matches the natural color of the inside of your lip (no dark liner please) or try an invisible lip liner like the one by Lipstick Queen, $18. Another option is to use a concealer to outline the lips, highlighting their shape. The liner will create a bumper to prevent pigment from “bleeding”. For an undone look, forget lining the lips and go for a stain with blurred edges (Blurred Lines is now stuck in my head!).
  3. Apply lipstick by dabbing the bottom lip, then purse lips together. Continue to apply straight from the tube or with a brush…or, for the undone look, with your finger to rub the color in. Then press a tissue on lips to absorb shine or dust on translucent powder. Reapply and repeat so that the color is saturated, but without shine. Blotting papers also work fantastic to create a matte finish. To finish creating the undone look, makeup pro Pat McGrath suggests buffing the lips’ borders with a moist cloth.


4 Responses to Matte Red Lips For The Perfect Kiss

  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    So pretty. This color looks beautiful on you. Thank you for sharing the know how

  2. Terri Irvin says:

    Red lipstick is my thing. I just love it and matching nails of course. I like the little hint by Makeup Artist Pat McGrath about buffing the lips borders with a moist cloth.

  3. Judith says:

    Red is hot! Where can I purchase the lip scrub hun?

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