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We’ve all been there…trying to find the perfect pair of jeans, fighting between giving up or to keeping searching. With so many styles, washes and now the stretch factor, there’s a lot that goes into finding that perfect pair. Including {most importantly} the fit. Lucky for everyone, Rian Buckley shared our pain and created a user-friendly service that lets you find your perfect match in minutes. Yep. Minutes!

Fitcode is an online service that provides you with denim made for your body type, then lets you filter by brand, material {aka stretch}, color, style, inseam and size. Once you have filtered through, your options pop up for you to browse and shop through retailers like Nordstrom. So easy!

Perfect fitting jeans

I took the Fit Quiz and after receiving my fit, was able to filter and find my perfect skinny, grey pair of Paige jeans in super stretch material that…wait for it…holds its shape! Paige denim in the super soft Transcend fabric has great stretch recovery that won’t bag out. A serious pet peeve of mine and probably everyone everywhere. Amazing, right?

Paige Transcend, Fitcode

Now, it’s your turn! Take the Fit Quiz and find your perfect fit! Show us your new pair using #MyFitcode.

Want to know what denim trends are coming in 2016, how to care for you jeans or need denim styling hacks for the holidays? Read my Q&A with Rian Buckley, Fitcode CEO and a company founder who also gives us a bit into what is coming next….

Rian Buckley, Fitcode

TonieGirl: What jean trends do you see coming for Spring 2016?

Rian Buckley: This fall we saw the resurrection of 1970s-inspired looks, most notably, the flare. This will linger for spring fashion with a couple of twists like the wide-leg flare and cropped flare denim. Similarly, billowy culotte jeans will be on-trend and chic.

Beyond the flare, wide-leg cuts will be back with jeans that are reminiscent of slouchy 1990s grunge. I’m also looking forward to the arrival of patchwork and printed denim from florals to more subtle designs for fresh looks that spring is meant to celebrate.

TonieGirl: How do you recommend taking care of your jeans to preserve color and protect the shape?

Rian Buckley: I think it is best to wash denim inside out on cold water cycles and allow them to air-dry. Skip the detergent or choose one without harsh cleaners.

Fabric content is the greatest factor in terms of jeans stretching out, especially cotton. Pay attention to the labels for fabric composition and look for rayon and polyester for denim with good stretch recovery. One of the great things about Fitcode is that each style of jeans in our Denim Boutique is hand measured from different specifications and researched for stretch and fabric content, so we’re able to provide recommendations and insights for a woman’s unique Fitcode assignment. 

TonieGirl: Any holiday styling tips like dressing up jeans for those cold days that you need to still look polished?

Rian Buckley: My favorite hack to ensure that jeans look fantastic during this season’s holidays and chilly temperatures is black denim. For example, black skinny jeans translate well regardless of daytime or nighttime looks.

Cuffing jeans to wear with flats, booties, moto boots and heels is on-trend even in wet, colder weather like the Pacific Northwest. Simple choices like the right footwear to pair with flare denim to statement jewelry or faux-fur outerwear that adds a luxe touch to jeans for an evening event makes all the difference.

TonieGirl: What took you into modeling?

Rian Buckley: I started modeling in 2009, a year before graduating from the University of Washington. Much to my parents relief, I stayed focused on school until graduation but as soon as my cap was in the air I took off and traveled all over the world working for clients and never looked back. Modeling was my ticket to see the world and I am so thankful I took that time for adventure.

Having worked with brands around the world and living “behind the scenes” for the past six years, I noticed fashion photos can mislead consumers. Those perfect-fitting pants you see on a model are often shaped to perfection by a hodgepodge of pins and clamps, out of view of the camera. My love of fashion and all things entrepreneurial, inspired me to co-found Fitcode to give women an honest view of how clothing they see online will fit them.

TonieGirl: I would love more background on Fitcode. How are brands embracing Fitcode?

Rian Buckley: Founded in 2014, Fitcode is a technology company with expertise in jeans that changes the way women shop. Fitcode transforms the $60 billion denim industry by focusing the shopping experience on fit, not size. Created by women for women, we are here to help women of all shapes and sizes find jeans they love.

Fitcode’s supported brands and retailers currently include Nordstrom, 7 For All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, Hudson, J Brand, JOE’s Jeans, Kut from the Kloth, NYDJ and Paige. This is a win-win for the retailer and women looking for great fitting, flattering denim. Thus far, we’re getting great initial feedback as we work to formalize partnerships. Fitcode will continue to add brands, retailers and more plus sized denim options in coming months.

Disclosure: Denim provided by Fitcode via Curator PR. The opinions expressed herein are those of TonieGirl and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Fitcode.

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    Thank you so much for sharing. I will take the test and see my best fit. This is great

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