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Perfect fitting lingerieI’ve always been drawn to beautiful {and expensive} things with beauty winning out over practicality 99% of the time. It always feels like a victory when I choose the lesser priced item when given the option. Well, today we’re talking about ThirdLove, who doesn’t make you choose between practical and beautiful. ThirdLove gives you European-inspired lingerie that is both a flawless fit and affordable.

ThirdLove was created out of a thought to bring a simple, fun and convenient lingerie shopping experience to women. It starts with each item designed using luxurious fabrics and lace that are usually reserved for boutique brands. You then are given a convenient way to find your perfect fit, which includes 1/2 cup sizing. ThirdLove developed an app {only two photos are needed to determine your perfect bra size} that works as a viral tape measure. ThirdLove rounds out the experience with ample customer service if needed and quick delivery to your door.

I was asked to review ThirdLove and began by downloading the app to find my perfect fit. Full disclosure, I could not get the app to work. I tried and tried and tried {12 times}. Not being a quitter, I decided to move on to the fun part of shopping online and ordered based on the size I believe I am. I chose the Lace Balconet in black with nude straps and matching Lace Thong. The balconet style has low-cut cups and wide set straps for a square neckline that wears well under a majority of necklines. Did you know that the balconet {or balconette} was named because it could not be seen from the men in the balcony of a theater looking down upon women? That’s the story I know and I’m sticking with it.

My items delivered a few days later and fit perfectly. The quality of lace felt similar to my other lingerie, with the price of $64 hitting high when compared to Warcoal, but a fraction of La Perla.

ThirdLove Lace


While I can’t truly compare it to my La Perla without seeing how it wears and washes over time, I can say that I think it looks just as beautiful and…I also can say that ThirdLove gets comfort right with the tagless, padded hook and eye and improved wire {more flexible}.

ThirdLove padded hook and eye

Try out the app and do a little shopping yourself. Let me know what you think…. Shop here.

Disclosure: Items provided by ThirdLove via Hawke Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of TonieGirl and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of ThirdLove.

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