Final Four Weekend Agenda

Big Dance, Final Four Weekend

Pour. The. Wine. It was that type of week. But, today is Friday {cheers!} and it’s not the start of just any weekend. It’s the Final Four weekend! Going down in Dallas, all that is left of the Big Dance is four teams. And, now that my bracket dreams are crushed, I can enjoy the games for what they are.

Final Four Weekend Agenda


Final Four. You must watch. We are down to the last three college basketball games ever until next season. Tear.


Not a full 3 or 5 day juice cleanse…just a day of fruits and veggies. A morning smoothie, a salad lunch and cabbage soup dinner. Simple. Easy. Detoxify before that Sunday brunch.


The April Vogue. It caused quite a stir when the cover was announced {that couple named Kimye}. It had some many wondering what Anna Wintour was thinking.


We all know that Easter is right around the corner and while coloring eggs can be fun, I like the idea of creating something a little more…tropical. Pineapple Easter Eggs from Studio DIY.

 pineapple easter eggs, studio diy

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  1. omg seriously, pour the wine!! fruit and veggie detox day sounds totally necessary in my life.


  2. caroline says:

    Sitting here with a glass of wine having a great time reading your posts…..

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