Benefits of Barre

Barre3 Studio, Benefits of BarreThroughout the day, as I sit in front of my computer, I constantly tell myself to sit up straight, don’t hunch and get up and walk! As the benefits of Barre are fantastic, it goes to say that it’s also one of my favorite workouts. Especially after a day where I don’t listen to myself. I really like this at home workout for when I can’t make it to the studio or am short on time and am positive you will thank me for sharing. The Barre3 Twist is a 40 minute, full body workout that lets you detox your body while strengthening.

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  1. OMG I swear you are my soul sister! I am obsessed with Bar Method and Pop Physique! I love it when I’m sore and typing or walking up the stairs the next day because I busted my booty so hard in class the night before.


  2. Sarah says:

    I love that they have an online option! Thanks so much for sharing. I might just have to splurge (lol it’s not that expensive) and go for it! Is the video easy to understand and do?

    xx Sarah
    Loser Girl Wins // Bloglovin

  3. caroline says:

    That’s exactly why I take ballet classes. I missed them after I stopped and my body never stopped craving them!

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